Trachline® Uni Cuff Suction

Trachline® Uni Cuff Suction

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The TRACHLINE® UNI CUFF SUCTION tracheostomy tube with suction device is a blockable tracheostomy tube, which offers the option of removing secretions collected above the cuff from the trachea, through a separate tube, if required. For this purpose, the outer cannula contains a fine tube, which can be connected to an external vacuum pump or syringe. Suction accessories can be adapted safely using the suction funnel or Luer connection supplied.

The TRACHLINE® UNI CUFF SUCTION tracheostomy tube comes with a total of three inner cannulas. Two inner cannulas are fitted with a standardised universal adapter. Suitable 15 mm accessories (e.g. “artificial noses”) can be attached to this 15 mm connector. And a further inner cannula with flat profile is also included. The flat inner cannula is secured by a locking ring in the outer cannula. In addition to the inner cannulas, the set also includes a separate15 mm connector which can be attached to the TRACHLINE® tracheostomy tube without an inner cannula. The connector makes it possible to use HMEs or other accessories with a 15 mm connector. A cough cap is also included. The insertion aid (obturator) facilitates insertion of the cannula.


  • Tracheostomy tube with CUFF and integrated suction tube for long-term use, max. service life up to 29 days
  • The suction tube is integrated into the inner wall of the cannula tube to avoid additional irritation of the trachea or tracheostoma
  • Soft, pliable, lightweight
  • Transparent, inconspicuous design
  • Rounded tube tip to prevent irritation of the mucous membranes
  • Bayonet locks enable simple, secure attachment of the inner cannula and accessories


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