Spiraflex® Uni Cuff

Spiraflex® Uni Cuff

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The Spiraflex® UNI CUFF tracheostomy tube is fully flexible and adapts to any change in the patient’s position. This prevents bruising. The integrated spiral reinforcement ensures that the Spiraflex® cannula retains its shape. A 15 mm connector enables the use of artificial noses and the connection to a ventilation device. The Spiraflex® cannula is equipped with an adjustable neck flange, which allows positiioning of the neck flange on the cannula tube to be varied. This allows the length of the cannula in the tracheostoma to be individually adjusted. The insertion aid (obturator) included in the set can also be used to aspirate secretion fluids. At the end of the insertion aid, there is an additional tube connector/fingertip, with which the suction tube of the suction device is connected to the insertion aid.

A flexible inner cannula (ICX) with flat profile is available separately for the SPIRAFLEX® tracheostomy tubes (REF 17543), whereby the size must be selected according to the outer cannula.


  • Tracheostomy tube with adjustable neck flange to accommodate below or above average neck sizes, particularly for obese patients
  • With cuff
  • Neck flange adjustable via reliable screw mechanism to avoid inadvertent sliding and dislocation of neck-flange
  • A scale (5-mm increments) on the dorsal part of the tube allows exact and reproducible adjustment of the neck-flange
  • With 15 mm connector (UNI) to connect to ventilation equipment or HMEs


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