Silvervent® Lingo Phon 1 ICF Size 8

Silvervent® Lingo Phon 1 ICF Size 8

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The SILVERVENT® LINGO-PHONs are tracheostomy tubes made of sterling silver with a sieve in the outer tube and an oval opening in the inner tube, also referred to as “fenestration”. The inner cannula features a removable silver speaking valve, which is specially secured with a chain in addition.

A round valve flap closes off the tube during speaking and expiration. On inhaling, the valve is automatically opened by the incoming airflow. The speaking valve can be slipped out of the holder at any time.


  • Tracheostomy tube made of sterling silver (92.5 % pure silver) for long-term use
  • With one fenestrated inner cannula with silver speaking valve (ICF) SILVERVENT® ICF and outer cannula (AK) with sieve-fenestration
  • Very thin walls
  • Wide range of sizes: from size 0 to size 13
  • Set includes a tube holder and a cannula passport