Laryngotech® Pro Kombi

Laryngotech® Pro Kombi

The LARYNGOTEC® PRO KOMBI silicone tube is available in various sizes and lengths. The especially rounded tip of the LARYNGOTEC® PRO tracheostomy tubes protects the trachea against injury. The transition between the 22 mm combi-adapter and the cannula shaft is designed as a proximal cone. There are two lateral fastening eyelets on the neck flange for attaching a tube holder.

The size designation is printed on the cone of the 22mm combi-adapter. This facilitates size determination.

The 22 mm combi-adapter enables attaching various filter systems.


  • Tracheostomy tube for long-term use, can be used up to 3-6 months
  • The proximal cone optimally seals the tracheostoma in combination with a cannula support strap
  • Medical grade silicone: soft, pliable, lightweight
  • Transparent, inconspicuous design
  • The ergonomically designed cannula shield offers optimal wearing comfort
  • With 22 mm adapter (KOMBI)
  • The cannula is available in the sizes: 8,9,10 and 12 and in two lengths (36 mm / 55 mm)
  • The size designation is printed on the distal cone of the 22 mm KOMBI connector. This means that it is not necessary to remove a filter cassette from the cannula to identify the size used
  • With (LARYNGOTEC® PRO KOMBI LINGO REF 14722) or without (LARYNGOTEC® PRO KOMBI (REF 14922) sieve fenestration
  • Individual adaptation of sieving is possible in consultation with our sales representatives
  • Including broad adjustable tube holder and a product ID card


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