Humidobach® HME

Humidobach® HME

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HUMIDOBAC® is a bacterial/viral filter designed to protect the patient. HUMIDOBAC® can be used as a filter in certain inhalation devices. The HUMIDOBAC® filter should be exchanged when necessary, e.g., if a build-up of secretions causes increased resistance, but after 24 hours at the latest.

HUMIDOBAC® HME is a bacterial/viral filter, with HME that aids in the protection of the patient and in the humidification of the air. HUMIDOBAC® HME is, for example; placed between the catheter mount tubing and the Y-piece of the ventilation system.


  • Efficient for the filtration and retention of viruses and bacteria.
  • To be used with artificial respiratory equipment
  • Filtration Capacity > 99,999%
  • Filter should be placed between ETT/Tracheal canula and Y-piece of breathing circuit
  • Housing transparent and non-conductive
  • Very lightweight (< 35g)
  • Should be replaced every 24 hours or more