FAHL® Biesalski

FAHL® Biesalski

The cannula tube of the FAHL® BIESALSKI tracheostomy tube is conical. This means that the tracheostomy tube has a larger diameter at the neck flange than at the rounded tip of the cannula. The reduced diameter at the tip simplifies insertion of the tracheostomy tube. Due to the conical cannula tube, exhaled air flows around the cannula and enables voice rehabilitation for tracheotomised patients, even though the cannula is not fenestrated.

Two inner cannulas are included, as well as a clip-on speaking valve and a cough cap.

SIZES: 6, 7, 8 & 9


  • Tracheostomy tube with two inner cannulas (IC)
  • 15 mm connector, speaking valve and cough protection cap included as separate items; to be attached to the outer cannula alone, or to the combined inner/outer cannula set by twist lock security mechanism
  • Thermosensitive medical-grade material
  • Soft and pliable neck-flange
  • Special shape of tube allows generation of speech even though tube is not fenestrated (exhaled air will pass around tube)
  • 15 mm connector, neck-flange and inner cannulas colour coded:15 mm connector full colour, neck-flange and inner cannula with coloured dot


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6, 7, 8, 9