Duravent® Uni Kombi Lingo Phon

Duravent® Uni Kombi Lingo Phon

The DURAVENT® UNI-KOMBI LINGO PHON speaking cannula consists of an outer cannula and two inner cannulas, one with a 22 mm combi-adapter, the other with a 15 mm connector. The outer cannula features several small holes, which are referred to as a sieve. One of the inner cannulas supplied has a speaking valve attachment. The speaking valve opens on inspiration and air can flow into the trachea. On exhalation, the valve closes and the air is directed towards the larynx for speaking. This inner cannula features an oval opening, the so-called window.

The second inner cannula features a 15 mm connector, which enables the attachment of Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs), so-called “artificial noses”.

The DURAVENT® UNI KOMBI LINGO PHON tracheostomy tube is also available as XL version.

Furthermore, a tube holding strap as well as a speaking valve are included in the scope of delivery.


  • Tracheostomy tube for long-term use, can be used up to 3-6 months
  • With two inner cannulas (IC)
    • with 22 mm adapter (ICFK / KOMBI) to connect the enclosed COMBIPHON® speaking valve (closed position valve with silicone membrane)
    • with 15 mm connector (ICU / UNI) to connect an HME
  • Easy-Lock has been designed for fixing the inner cannula and compatible accessories securely – no twisting
  • Outer cannula (AK) with sieve-fenestration
  • Soft, pliable, lightweight
  • Transparent, inconspicuous design

Custom-made variants possible: Length, sieve-fenestration, bending


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