Duratwix® Uni Vario Lingo Cuff

Duratwix® Uni Vario Lingo Cuff

The Duratwix® UNI VARIO LINGO CUFF is a tracheostomy tube with cuff which can be used by tracheotomised patients. To be able to use the basic speaking function of the Duratwix® tracheostomy tube, you require an additional speaking valve which can be attached to the 15 mm connector of the fenestrated inner cannula. This speaking valve can be ordered separately if required. An additional replacement fenestrated inner cannula with speaking valve (REF 19841/19842) is also available.

We supply the Duratwix® UNI VARIO LINGO CUFF tracheostomy tube with 2 inner cannulas, one with a 15 mm swivel connector and a fenestrated inner cannula with a 15 mm connector. The swivel connector also minimises any possible tractive forces from adapted tube systems, preventing irritation of the mucous membranes in the trachea.

An insertion aid (obturator), a decannulation plug and a tube holding strap are included in the scope of delivery.


  • Tracheostomy tube with two inner cannulas, both with 15 mm connector, one with rotating 15 mm swivel connector (ICV), the other one fenestrated (ICFU)
  • Soft double-swivel ROTATWIX® neckflange, rotating in 360° for enhanced neck mobility
  • With ASPILO® sieve-fenestration – roof-tile shaped (horizontal)
  • Medical-grade polyurethane, soft, atraumatic, thermosensible
  • MUCOPROTECT® CUFF / Low pressure cuff: very thin walls for proper seal, reduced surface contact with tracheal Mucosa to minimize pressure area


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