Sensotrach® Duo

Sensotrach® Duo

The SENSOTRACH® DUO tracheal compress for tracheostomy tube users consists of two compress layers of equal thickness, fixed together. The two-layer SENSOTRACH® DUO ALU is suitable for tracheostomy tube users with moderate to low secretion production. The side close to the skin is marked by the green stripe on the side. In addition, the compress quickly absorbs secretions from the skin between the tracheostoma and the tube. This keeps the skin dry and warm. With its special shape, the SENSOTRACH® DUO ALU tracheal compress adapts perfectly to the neck region.

The SENSOTRACH® DUO tracheal compress cushions the tube softly and securely against the tracheostoma and the skin. It meets the very highest demands on function, aesthetics and comfort.

A version with a slit (SLIT), for fast changing of compresses, is available in addition.


  • High-quality tracheal compresses with anatomical rounded shape for maximum wearing comfort
  • DUO variants with two layers, for patients with moderate to average production of secretion: the layer close to the skin – marked by a green thread – effectively absorbs secretions and transfers them to the peripheral layer.
  • Keeps the skin dry and warm