Sensotrach® Duo Skin

Sensotrach® Duo Skin

SENSOTRACH® DUO SKIN is a two-layer tracheal compress which, due to its special shape, adapts excellently to the neck area. The skin-typical colour ensures that the tracheal compress can barely be seen when wearing and is therefore highly inconspicuous. SENSOTRACH® DUO SKIN consists of two compress bodies attached together, which quickly and reliably absorb any secretions. The rear compress layer, near to the skin, is especially soft and ensures that the skin is kept dry and warm, by quickly absorbing secretions. The SENSOTRACH® DUO SKIN compress is available as a variant with additional slit opening.

The practical slit in the SENSOTRACH® DUO SKIN SLIT enables convenient and quick changing of the compress, without the need to remove the cannula from the tracheostoma beforehand.


  • High-quality tracheal compresses – beige – with anatomical rounded shape for maximum wearing comfort
  • The combination of the anatomical shape and naturally appearing colour ensures that the tracheal compress can barely be seen or felt
  • With two layers: inner layer effectively absorbs secretions and transfers them to the peripheral layer.
  • This keeps the skin dry and warm