Sensotrach® Duo Alu

Sensotrach® Duo Alu

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SENSOTRACH® ALU is a compress, made of non-woven fabric, for tracheostomy tube users. The relatively light non-woven underlay is aluminium-vapour coated on one side. SENSOTRACH® ALU absorbs tracheal secretions well and acts as a cushion between the skin and neck flange. The silver-grey matt side of the tracheal compress consists of a non-woven viscose fabric, with finely aluminium-vapour coated fibres. This smooth surface prevents adhesion secretion residues and does not stick to the skin.

The tracheostomy tube is pushed through the provided opening in the tracheal compress, with the aluminium-vapour coated side on the skin.

A version with an additional slit (SLIT), for fast changing of compresses, is available. The cannula does not need to be removed here before changing the compress.


  • High-quality tracheal compresses with anatomical rounded shape for maximum wearing comfor
  • DUO variants with two layers, for patients with moderate to average production of secretion
  • The layer close to the skin – marked by a green thread – effectively absorbs secretions and transfers them to the peripheral layer.
  • This keeps the skin dry and warm
  • ALU variants are a high quality, especially absorbent and dimensionally stable tracheal compresses, which have an aluminium coating on one side.
  • The metallic coating prevents sticking to the skin, due to blood and secretions