Combiphon® Speaking Valve

Combiphon® Speaking Valve

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COMBIPHON® is a compact, transparent speaking valve with a silicone membrane. The COMBIPHON® speaking valve enables tracheotomised patients with an intact larynx to speak. The special feature of this speaking valve is the basic position of the valve membrane. It is closed and is briefly opened during inspiration. This makes the increased blowing pressure for closing the valve, otherwise required for forming speech, unnecessary. The valve flap opens on inspiration. The exhaled airflow causes the valve to close, which enables phonation/speech.

The functional multi-adapter of the COMBIPHON® speaking valve features both a standardised central opening for attaching to a tracheostomy tube with a 15 mm connector as well as a 22 mm combination adapter. This makes the COMBIPHON® speaking valve ideally suited for use in conjunction with fenestrated/sieved tracheostomy tubes. The transparent valve housing offers an unobtrusive appearance.


Speaking valve with silicone membrane

  • Speaking valve – transparent, lightweight with silicone membrane
  • Membrane closed in basic position (“closed-position valve”) – opens during inspiration.
  • Advantage: No enhanced exhalation pressure required to close the valve and to facilitate speaking. Less fatigue for the patient, better-speaking quality
  • With multi adapter: fits both 15 mm connector (UNI) and 22 mm adapter (KOMBI)
  • To be used by tracheotomised patients, not to be used by laryngectomised patients
  • To be used only and exclusively in combination with a phonation cannula.
  • Sterile
  • Individually packed