Laryvox® Extra HME Normal

Laryvox® Extra HME Normal

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  • HME in discrete design with speech option via easy finger lock
  • Normal – normal breathing resistance at normal physical exertion
  • For use day and night (max. 24 hrs.)
  • Excellent tactility: a rounded recess in the lid of the HME simplifies the locking  mechanism and makes optimal positioning of the finger very easy to feel
  • The lateral openings of the LARYVOX® EXTRA HME allow for unimpaired and easy breathing – even below clothing.
  • A rabbet around the housing allows easy and quick removal of the HME (e. g. when coughing)
  • With 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) to connect to any conventional base plates (e.g. LARYVOX® TAPE) or silicone tubes for laryngectomees (e.g. LARYNGOTEC®)


The filter medium integrated in the LARYVOX® EXTRA HME housing serves for exchanging heat and moisture and filters the respiratory air. Due to the loss of nasal breathing, filtration, warming and humidification of the respiratory air must be ensured in order to prevent irritation of the airways due to dry air, dust, or harmful substances contained in the respiratory air. After surgery, tracheotomised/laryngectomised patients often suffer from increased production of mucus and irritation of the airways associated with an urge to cough. These symptoms can impair breathing and voice rehabilitation. Regular use of HME filter cassettes alleviates the symptoms through reduction of viscous secretions in the lungs and promotes pulmonary rehabilitation.

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME can be worn both during the day and at night.