Optifahl® Stoma Cleaning Wipes

Optifahl® Stoma Cleaning Wipes

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The OPTIFAHL® stoma cleaning wipe is a disposable cotton wipe, which is soaked in a mild cleansing lotion, made of natural, herbal ingredients.

The OPTIFAHL® Stoma cleaning wipe is ideal for cleaning and caring for sensitive skin area around the tracheostoma. Excessive skin oils and dirt particles are gently removed from the skin with the soft and lint-free wipe. The remainders of skin adhesive can also be removed with this special cleaning wipe.

The OPTIFAHL® stoma cleaning wipe is well suited for preparatory skin care before the application of aids such as LARYNGOFIX® and fixable base plates e.g. LARYVOX® Tape with HME filter cassettes.

The OPTIFAHL® stoma cleaning wipe is a useful and recommendable aid, in particular for targeted skin care and for use when travelling.


  • Cleaning wipe for the cleaning and care of the sensitive skin around the tracheostoma
  • Soaked in a mild cleaning solution, with natural and herbal ingredients
  • Excessive skin oils, dirt particles, as well as remainders of skin adhesives are gently removed from the  skin with this soft and lint-free wipe
  • Also to be used for the preparative care of the skin when using protective LARYNGOFIX® cover foams  (cf separate data sheet) or base plates such as LARYVOX® Tape (cf separate data sheet)
  • Individually packaged in one-each sachets – ideal for travelling!
  • Also available in a dispenser for home-use: The wipes can be removed easily and hygienically one-by-one from the dispenser; a lid prevents the wipes from drying out
  • Small packert: 135 x 200 mm