Optibrush® Plus Size 7

Optibrush® Plus Size 7

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The OPTIBRUSH® PLUS with fibre top is a logical further development of the OPTIBRUSH® cannula cleaning brush. It is distinguished by a very flexible wire mesh and is equipped with sturdy soft nylon bristles which – as is usual with our OPTIBRUSH® cannula cleaning brushes – extend continuously from the tip of the brush to the handle.

The main feature is the brush tip, which is sheathed with a fibre top. The fibre top is especially wipe-active and its absorbent fabric fibres ensure effective and gentle cannula cleaning. The core of the OPTIBRUSH® PLUS cannula-cleaning brush with fibre top, made of stainless steel wire, can be individually adapted to the tracheostomy tube, which makes the cleaning process substantially easier. Damage or scratching of the sensitive cannula material can be largely avoided using the OPTIBRUSH® PLUScannula-cleaning brush with fibre top.

OPTIBRUSH® PLUS cannula-cleaning brushes are available in nine different sizes, with diameters from 5 to 14 mm at the brush section.

The brush should be bent into the appropriate shape before using it for the first time.


  • Special brush for gentle cleaning of tracheostomy tube
  • Flexible
  • Bristles in dense array around the stainless steel wire base which is twisted to avoid sharp edges which might damage the tracheostomy tube
  • The brush tip of OPTIBRUSH® PLUS is surrounded by a soft, wipe-active and absorbent fibre top which further reduces the risk to damage the tube and which ensures a more effective cleaning
  • Wide size range