Opribrush® Plus Set

Opribrush® Plus Set

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We offer you a practical set containing the OPTIBRUSH® CLEAN cannula cleaning powder (100 g) together with the OPTIBRUSH® CONT cannula cleaning tub and 4 OPTIBRUSH® PLUS cannula cleaning brushes. Here the brushes are padded with a textile fibre tuft at the brush tip and are available in sizes 8, 10 and 12.

This provides you with the most important aids for the quick, thorough and material-friendly cleaning of tracheostomy tubes.


  • OPTIBRUSH® CONT Cleaning Box with a large diameter to allow cleaning of standard tracheostomy tubes.
    The Cleaning Box contains a removable sieve insert which allows the tracheostomy tube to be gently agitated in the cleaning solution
  • OPTIBRUSH® CLEAN Cleaning Powder (100 g) including measurinhttps://www.fahl.com/en/products/detail/d/optibrush_clean spoon for easy and accurate preparation of the cleaning solution; simply dissolve in warm tap water; for a thorough but gentle removal of blood and secretion from tracheostomy tubes
  • OPTIBRUSH® Cleaning Brushes are flexible and surrounded by a soft, active wiping and absorbent fibre top. The OPTIBRUSH® Cleaning Brushes are single patient-use products, i.e. they can be re-used by any individual patient. The brushes are available in sizes 8, 10, and 12 mm.
  • All components of this kit are separately available