Wound Closure Strip Single (1 Button)
3 Devices

Wound Closure Strip Single (1 Button)
3 Devices

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  • The wound closure device is a non-invasive skin closure device for surgical incisions and lacerations.
  • It is designed to distribute tension along the incision.
  • Both healthcare providers and patients will benefit from this puncture-free closure.
  • It is easy to use and will help to save a lot of time and cost.
  • More important, it is painless and can reduce wound complications and scarring

• Dynamic and secure wound closure.
• Reversible, in a zipper-like manner.
• Easy to apply.
• Can substitute for external tissue expanders.
• Serves as a topical tension-relief platform for tension sutures.
• High variability in applications.
• Unique in both invasive and non-invasive applications.
• Multi vectorial skin stretching.
• Allows for early and secure patient ambulation.

  • Severe allergic skin, use with caution.
  • Epidermis missing, not usable
  • Armpits, ear bases, joints, thick hair growth, use with caution.
  • Wound Closure Device are contraindicated where adhesion cannot be obtained.
  • Potential causes for inadequate adhesion are presence of exudate, skin oils, moisture or hair.
  • Use of Wound Closure Device on infected wounds.



1 button/device, 3 devices/pc, white color, with non-woven adhesive pad, 1pc/poly bag

10 units/box, 2 items = 1 unit
200 units/carton

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