Top Closure 8mm Single

Top Closure 8mm Single

1 TC device – (2 foot plates and 1 approximation strap)

TopClosure ® Tension Relief System (TRS) is an innovative new technology for the management of simple and complex wounds for dynamic skin stretching and secure wound closure.

The TopClosure® TRS aims at harnessing the viscoelastic properties of the skin for optimizing wound closure. It is easy to apply, safe to use and may lead to primary wound closure without the need for skin grafts or flaps, providing simple solutions for complex problems.

The TopClosure® TRS is intended to temporarily stretch skin tissues to aid closure and healing of small to large skin defects following wide tumor resection, for post traumatic, surgical, acute and chronic open wounds.

• Dynamic and secure wound closure.
• Reversible, in a zipper-like manner.
• Easy to apply.
• Can substitute for external tissue expanders.
• Serves as a topical tension-relief platform for tension sutures.
• High variability in applications.
• Unique in both invasive and non-invasive applications.
• Multi vectorial skin stretching.
• Allows for early and secure patient ambulation.

  • Closure from small to large wounds with significant loss of skin and soft tissue.
  • Pre-operative skin vector expansion in preparation for dermal extirpation with significant benefit for pediatric use.
  • Temporary, simple, quick way of management of acute trauma wounds in multi-casualty disaster situations where primary wounds treatment will have to be deferred.
  • TopClosure® TRS can be applied as a novel methodology for both military Combat Casualty Care (CCC) protocol and in first aid approach in civilian injury treatment protocol.
  • For improved aesthetics of wound closure as a substitute to skin grafts or flaps, by mobilizing skin and subcutaneous tissue.
  • Secure wound closure when wounds are closed under tension.


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TRS-1S-SBL8-GI 8mm Single
10 units per box
1 item per unit